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Santander Consumer USA Inc
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Mail Correspondence:
Santander Consumer USA Inc
P.O. Box 961245
Fort Worth, TX 76161
Attn: SC USA

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Customer Service Questions

If I finance less, will my down payment be lower?

The down payment will remain the same regardless of how much you finance, however, it will lower your monthly payment if you finance less. Your RoadLoans Dealer may have other financing options for you.

Can I get the approval amount increased?

We approve you for the maximum amount you can borrow. If there is additional income to consider, we will review the loan to see if it qualifies for an increase. If the income is less, the amount finance may decrease. Your RoadLoans Dealer may be able to provide additional financing options.

Can I get a lower rate?

The rate is based on the overall credit portfolio and we have given you the best rate we have to offer at this time. Your RoadLoans Dealer may be able to provide additional financing options.

Can you send me a list of dealers?

We have provided you with the closest RoadLoans Dealer in our network. We are confident your RoadLoans Dealer will be able to provide you the best customer experience. If you are still interested in purchasing from another dealer, you may obtain a list of available dealers 24 hours after your initial approval. Just visit , click on Check Application Status, and you may view your dealer choices.

Can I shop at any dealer?

We prefer you shop at a dealer within our RoadLoans Dealer network. We have a good working relationship with the dealers in our network and know that they will work with our customers to get them the best deal, as well as having other financing opportunities for you to review.

Can I buy a vehicle out of state?

Yes, however, the dealership must be within our network.

If I pay more down, will the APR (interest rate) go down?

No, we are not able to change the rate; however, your RoadLoans Dealer may be able to provide more options.

Do you finance people with bad credit?

We attempt to accommodate customers with all levels of credit.

My offer is about to expire, can I get an extension?

You will need to reapply in 30 days. (must be 60 days from the original approval date)

What will you accept for income, proof of residence, or other required documents?

Please refer to your Appendix once you down load your package.

Dealer Questions

What are my fees?

  • Make sure that Carmax is not selected
  • Give % amount and not fee amount.
    • Fees are calculated based on the amount financed.

How do I structure this deal?

  • Please refer to page 3 of the customer's loan packge for your deal structure.
  • What is the LTV?
    • This is on the Credit.Net screen, you can hover over this area to see what the LTV for this customer is.
    • It is based off NADA clean trade or Kelley Bluebook wholesale.

Can I add back-end products?

Back end products are warranty and GAP. Those may be added but must fit within the LTV guidelines.

What if the customer's income is incorrect?

I’m sorry we do not currently have anyone available to assist with income corrections. Please call back tomorrow between 7AM & 6PM CST and a Loan Specialist will be able to help you.

How do I log in to view my leads? I forgot my password.

You will need speak with or leave a message for Bryan Nicolle at extension 5208.

Acceptable forms of POI, POR, Income etc.

Please refer to the stip page in your handbook. Or the dealer can refer to the appendix page in the loan package.

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